In the dynamic convergence of Moscow’s artistic legacy and the diverse cultural milieu of Barcelona, photographer and visual artist Pavel Bukreev has forged a unique body of work that defies conventional boundaries. Born in 1992 in Moscow, Russia, and currently rooted in Barcelona, Spain, Pavel’s photographic journey has been shaped by formal education at The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, with a particular focus on documentary photography.

Pavel’s creative prowess has been on display in various group exhibitions, such as “Reminiscencija” in Belgrade, Serbia, and the diploma exhibition at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation in Moscow. Notable awards include recognition at the Rencontres d’Arles Photobook Exhibition and the Belfast Photo Open Submission in the Photobook Category. His works were also selected and displayed at the Athens Photo Festival Photobook Exhibition.

In 2019, Pavel introduced his photobook, “Nibiru,” a testament to his experimental exploration of reality. Operating primarily with film and analogue materials, Pavel delves into the domains of everyday life and imaginary constructs, weaving narratives inspired by personal myths. His artistic language is distinguished by meticulous attention to detail, form, and colour.

In his latest series, “Materia Prima,” Pavel Bukreev guides viewers through a captivating odyssey into the essence of objects. Utilizing an Instax camera, Pavel discerned the photo’s susceptibility to physical contact during development. The series unfolds as a result of his playful experimentation with fire, water, and various reagents, creating a dynamic interplay of shapes and colours on the photo’s surface.

Dividing the photo in two, Pavel unearthed the intriguing imprint of metamorphoses on the front side and inside the picture, haphazardly imprinted with ink on the back plate. This led to further experimentation with paints, adding an extra dimension to the structure as they spread over the engraving, forming unique shapes.

Pavel Bukreev’s creative process in “Materia Prima” serves as a departure from narrative constraints, embracing a sensory relationship with the environment. Through the play of materials, he unveils the concealed “life” of each object, emphasizing aspects often obscured by the human eye.

The series captures the essence of tactile research and a child’s impulse, drawing parallels to the captivating interest in the material world. By employing scanning technology and large-format printing, Pavel invites viewers to explore details akin to viewing through a microscope, revealing the inherent nature of the objects.

Pavel Bukreev’s “Materia Prima” stands as a testament to the artist’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of photographic expression. Through his lens, he unravels the mysteries concealed within the mundane, inviting viewers to engage with the tactile and visual dimensions of the world around us. As we delve into the essence of “Materia Prima,” we find ourselves immersed in a visual journey that transcends traditional storytelling, unlocking the inner life of objects through the lens of a curious and imaginative artist.