Come and explore the wonderful world of instant photography at the X roid – Int’l Instant Art Expo Bonn 2024. This isn’t just any old art exhibition – it’s a chance to get stuck into instant photography’s beauty and creativity.

From May 3rd to 5th, 2024, Bonn, Germany, will be alive with artistic vibes as 48 amazing artists from 10 countries gather to show off their work. Picture yourself surrounded by over 180 unique instant photos, each with a special story to tell.

What makes the X roid so cool is that you can meet the artists themselves. Loads of them will be there in person, happy to chat about what inspires them and how they make their photos. It’s a chance to learn all about the magic behind each picture.

And here’s the really exciting bit: the X roid is the only exhibition of its kind in Germany! So, by coming along, you’re not just looking at art – you’re part of something super special right here in Bonn.

With the help of the Italian Cultural Institute Cologne, we’re bringing you a celebration of creativity that’s inclusive and loads of fun.


So, why not come and join us? Put May 3rd, 2024, in your diary and head down to The Stage Gallery in Bonn to discover the wonderful world of instant photography. We can’t wait to see you there!

Isabel Herrera
Barbara Schieb
Carlos León
Günter Muth
Fritz Werner Oehlers
Monique Renee
Sabine Skiba
Felicita Russo
Sandra Ronca
Pola Matrix
Kyla Plewes
Sara Pignatti
Martina Pavloska
Phuong Ong Ngoc
Paris Neenan Naik
Olivia Mazzola
Alan Marcheselli
Sophie Loustau
Amber Lauder
Douwe Krooshof
Sabine Kranich-V.
Leah V.M. Kraemer
Anne Kelter
Fred Johnson
Dirk Haas
Dora Grit
Gerlando Giaccone
Francesco Gelati
Matilde Fiorindo
Joann Edmonds
Ina Echternach
Frank De Luyck
Max Chionetti
Andrea Campolucci
Alexander Buss
Louis Brunet
Enrico Zordan
Lilian Wildeboer
Marc von Martial
Matthew Smith
Sabike Skodda
Sabine Siewert