In the labyrinth of pixels and digital filters that dominate today’s photographic landscape, there exists a serene corner where the magic of analogue still thrives. Alessio Roberto, a software engineer by profession and a visionary photographer by passion, invites us into his world where instant film reigns supreme, and double exposures dance to the rhythm of urban life.

Roberto’s photographic journey traces back to the late 80s and early 90s, steeped in the tradition of his father’s lens. Yet, it was not until 2019, spurred by his wife’s gentle nudges towards creativity, that he stumbled upon the enchanting allure of instant film. For Alessio, the journey back to film was not just a nostalgic retreat, but a deliberate choice to reconnect with the tangible essence of photography – from the tactile click of loading a camera to the anticipation of holding a developed print.

In the arsenal of his artistic endeavours are an Impulse AF, an SLR 680, and the beloved I-1, each bearing witness to countless frames of urban poetry. But it was the advent of the Polaroid I-2 that truly unleashed Roberto’s creative spirit, allowing him to delve deeper into the art of double exposures – a technique that would become the hallmark of his visual narrative.

“Play with My City,” his ongoing project, is a symphony composed in the language of double exposures. Born out of the stillness of pandemic lockdowns, Roberto found inspiration in the mundane, transforming the familiar streets of Amsterdam into a canvas of endless possibilities. Through the lens of his splitter, buildings intertwine with water, and the sky merges with the earth, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination. What emerges is a visual sonnet, each frame a unique composition of urban rhythms and architectural melodies.

Yet, Roberto’s artistry transcends the mere act of capturing images; it is a meditative pursuit, a solitary communion with light and shadow. His workspace knows no bounds, for inspiration is found in the whisper of the wind and the rustle of leaves. Armed with a single camera and a heart brimming with creativity, Alessio embarks on a quest to capture the fleeting moments of urban serenity. With meticulous attention to detail, he orchestrates each double exposure, allowing the elements to harmonize and tell their own story. Music becomes Alessio’s silent companion, guiding his creative flow like a conductor leading an orchestra. Whether immersed in the realm of photography or engrossed in the intricacies of coding, music serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to artistic transcendence.

Through Alession’s lens, we glimpse a city reborn, its familiar contours reshaped by the alchemy of light and imagination. In the realm of instant film and double exposures, Roberto invites us to pause, to breathe, and to embrace the beauty of the urban symphony unfolding before our eyes.