In the heart of everyday life, Scarlett Poppy emerges as a master of emotion, creating magic through the lens of her soul. Originally from Camden, UK, Scarlett now calls Brighton home, where her art transforms ordinary moments into a captivating symphony of feelings.

Scarlett’s artistic journey began with a personal quest for self-expression. Even before studying at the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, she delved into photography. At 19, illness interrupted her life, prompting her to drop courses. It was during this challenging period that Scarlett found solace in photography, a therapeutic outlet that allowed her to document her journey and reclaim a sense of self.

Facing physical limitations during her illness, Scarlett’s photographs became a powerful means of reconnection and healing where she courageously documented the challenges and vulnerabilities of her body, turning her lens towards self-discovery. This process, both emotionally and physically intense, became a unique form of art, capturing the beauty found in vulnerability and the journey towards self-discovery.

Over the years, Scarlett’s photography has evolved from a fairy-like, ethereal style to darker themes, exploring fetishism and latex. As she matures, her work takes on a new character, transitioning from nature-inspired softness to a more studio-centric approach. Scarlett not only captures images but also collaborates with other models, contributing her skills in styling and hair.

In 2023, Scarlett’s work graced exhibitions in Paris and Milan, gaining recognition and appreciation. At Galerie Joseph Le Palais in Paris, her ‘That Magic Moment – A Polaroid Exhibition’ enchanted viewers, while in Milan at Fondazione Luciana Matalon, her captivating photographs continued to solidify her presence in the global photography scene.

Scarlett’s photographic journey is ongoing, and her prints go beyond visuals; they capture the essence of dreams. From the streets of Camden to the shores of Brighton, Scarlett’s lens transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary tales, inviting viewers into a world where each photograph is a doorway to something special—a testament to the magic woven by Scarlett’s art.

Posing for self-portraits is a challenge that Scarlett embraces, creating a space where vulnerability and self-expression coexist. Technical aspects, such as self-timer and shutter releases, become tools in her journey. Mainly drawing inspiration from films by directors like David Lynch, Andrzej Żuławski, and Sean Baker, Scarlett continues to infuse her photography with a unique magic that resonates with those who encounter her work.

As Scarlett’s photographic journey continues, her ability to capture the magic within the ordinary, coupled with her commitment to vulnerability and self-expression, renders each photograph not just a visual masterpiece but a doorway to the extraordinary. Through her lens, Scarlett invites us into a world where art is a deeply personal and transformative experience, reminding us that within every moment lies the potential for self-discovery, connection, and the enduring enchantment of the human spirit.