Let’s introduce Angela Regina, a talented artist born in 1982 in Grumo Appula, Bari. Angela graduated with top honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce in 2006, and her artistic journey spans captivating photography, Performing Art, and interactive installations that invite everyone to be part of the art.

Angela’s exhibitions dedicated to instant photography, where she uses Polaroid and Fuji Wide and Square films, showcase her ability to create compelling work that’s easy for everyone to enjoy.

In recent years, Angela Regina has turned her focus to the intriguing world of self-portraiture using instant films. Within the quiet spaces of her home, each photograph becomes a crafted dream, often featuring a symbolic white sheet on the floor, inviting us into a world where reality meets imagination.

Describing her work as “poems,” Angela’s photographs share a purely human experience through the lens of self-portraiture, offering a universal and immersive journey that captures the fleeting beauty of dreams in the click of instant photography.

Angela Regina stands as a unique storyteller in the world of instant photography, skillfully transforming moments into visual poetry for everyone to appreciate.