In today’s Instant Photographers interview we have the pleasure of introducing you to Cihan Bektas, our guest artist for today that is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Cihan! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase your instant work in our gallery!

Can you tell our readers in two phrases who is Cihan Bektas?
Probably I would say,  a`Cinematic Photographer`

How did you start shooting with polaroid? How do you find this style of photography?
I started photographing with polaroid film at a very young age by my family and I started with a 636 model camera that my father gave me at the age of 15.

I can see that in your series entitled ‘Her’ you used someone really close to you. How would you describe this very intimate session of showcasing your loved one to a larger audience?
This series developed completely spontaneously, the progress of the disease had overwhelmed us and I wanted to create memories that I could carry it forward and remember it rather than being by my side, I think the written language could do it, but I think there is no better aesthetics than capturing it with photography.

If you ask why Polaroid, anyone who knows me can guess that I will use this option.

I knew I could make this project special, unique, and mysterious with Polaroid.
Most importantly, I knew I could photograph the decisive moment.

Do you always take shots of close people to your heart? If so, what’s the main driver to document them in a fairy-like style? What drives you into this poetic style of images?
Actually, I do not photograph not the people I have always been close to, on the contrary.
I like to photograph people that I wanted to know or always wanted to be with me but I knew they would not be.
This was the main theme of HER series in fact, if the treatment hadn’t responded, I might or may not have been writing these now.

As for the poetic part, I had 3 books that I published before, which consisted entirely of novels and essays, and I fictionalized entirely with imagination.
But stories that can create a photographic image in the mind, but I didn’t use photography in those books.
I think I was able to get both of them together in ‘HER’.

Where do you get your inspiration for polaroids? Do you have a favourite photographer that inspired you to pursue this dream as a visual artist?
I think that there is no master photographer who does not shoot with polaroid film in history and today and I am sure that there are many photographers that I am impressed with in terms of photographic techniques, but there are many artists who inspire me in writing.
Walker Evans, Guy Bourdin, Paolo Roversi, Patti smith, Stefanie Schneider and more are a few names that left their mark on me.

If you had the last pack of Polaroid film, how would you use it? What would you like to photograph and keep on that last pack?
That’s a great question.

If I had the opportunity, I would like to photograph my childhood ceremony.

It was a very busy and fast period, my family couldn’t even catch me and I still don’t believe how we got to today, when there is much more to do at jet speed.

I would also like to remember some of my dreams with a single frame, but I think my first choice would be more important for me.

Future exhibitions:

11 Nov 2020 Bside Gallery, Melbourne HER VOL I-II
14 April 2021 Joseph Gallery,Paris FRANCE ETHEREAL
5 May 2021 ArtShine Gallery, Sydney Uncommon Nature