Born in Italy in 1979, Moira is a seasoned traveller, a passionate bibliophile, and a dedicated humanitarian worker. Since settling in Malaga in 2010, with trips to crisis-ridden nations for her work, she has honed her skills as a digital photographer. However, it was her serendipitous encounter with Polaroid photography more than a couple of years ago that ignited an unwavering passion within her, captivating her artistic spirit ever since.

With an unyielding curiosity and an appetite for artistic exploration, our photographer revels in pushing the boundaries of her medium. She derives immense satisfaction from manipulating Polaroid photographs in unconventional ways, embracing the allure of unpredictability. She transforms mere images into captivating visual narratives through emulsion lifts on canvas, watercolour paper, and particularly on glass. By incorporating various colours and liquids that interact with the film, she conjures forth unforeseen results, inviting viewers into a realm of enchanting beauty.

Beyond a mere visual spectacle, our photographer employs her art as a means of delving into the depths of human emotions and identity. Skillfully manipulating self-portraits, she encapsulates fleeting moods and ineffable sentiments that elude verbal expression. By employing photography as a tool for exploring personal and familial memories, as well as the beauty inherent in the ordinary and unexpected, she invites viewers to contemplate the intricacies of their own existence.

Equipped with an arsenal of cameras that serve as extensions of her artistic vision, our photographer wields the power of Polaroid photography with finesse. Her companions include the Polaroid 600, SX-70, OneStep+, and the Impossible Project Instant Lab. With each camera’s unique characteristics and capabilities, she expertly selects the ideal instrument to breathe life into her creative concepts.

We invite you to unlock your own artistic potential. Just as Moira discovered her passion for this medium, you too can embark on a visual journey that transcends words. Through the lens of a camera, you can capture moments, emotions, and glimpses of identity that are otherwise indescribable. So, join us in the realm of Polaroid photography and unleash the artist within you.