Instant photography has become a unique way to document people, places, and moments, offering a certain air of strangeness to those who witness it. In a world where we are no longer accustomed to seeing photographs develop instantly before our eyes, the instant camera brings forth a sense of nostalgia for some and a unique novelty for others. Within the streets of São Paulo, a vibrant city teeming with scenes, moments, and people from diverse backgrounds, this series, titled CALLES, captures the eclecticism and diversity that define its essence. It serves as a collection of memories, reflecting who we once were and who we still are.

Lulú Ferreira, Luciana Ferreira da Silva, is the talented artist behind this compelling series. A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in São Paulo, Lulú leverages her expertise in product design to create and modify her own cameras, enabling her to explore the vast possibilities of photographic images. Through her engagement with the technical and mechanical aspects of the medium, such as film, winding mechanisms, viewfinders, shutters, and chemical development processes, Lulú finds allure in the craftsmanship of analogue photography. She sees it as a magical art form that extends beyond the image itself, where the manufacturing processes become not merely a means to an end but an end in themselves. This approach sparks dialogues with the history of photography and the broader realms of imagery and technique. In doing so, Lulú demonstrates the untapped potential of these mediums, which may now be viewed as nostalgic artefacts or relics of a bygone era.



CALLES portrays the vibrant street life of São Paulo, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the city’s rich tapestry of cultures, experiences, and rhythms. Through Lulú’s lens, the series captures the essence of a metropolis where people from all walks of life converge to taste life, seek fortune, and embrace diverse lifestyles. Each photograph freezes a unique moment, encapsulating the energy, stories, and emotions that permeate the city’s streets.

What sets CALLES apart is not only the captivating subjects or the skilful composition but also the inherent surprise of instant photography. In a world dominated by digital images and instant gratification, witnessing a photograph develop before one’s eyes become a transformative experience. Lulú’s deliberate choice to work with analogue techniques adds an element of anticipation and uncertainty to her creative process. The imperfections, unpredictability, and subtle variations that arise from this approach infuse the images with a raw and authentic quality, capturing the essence of São Paulo’s streets in a distinct and personal way.

As viewers engage with CALLES, they are transported into the heart of São Paulo, where each frame reveals a microcosm of urban life. Lulú’s keen eye for detail and her ability to find beauty in the seemingly mundane ensure that no scene goes unnoticed. From bustling markets to tranquil alleyways, from vibrant street art to intimate portraits of passersby, the series unfolds as a visual love letter to the city and its people.

CALLES serves as a testament to the enduring power of analogue photography and its ability to evoke emotions, spark nostalgia, and capture the essence of a time and place. Through Lulú Ferreira’s lens, São Paulo’s streets come alive, inviting us to embrace the eclecticism, diversity, and magic that lie just beyond our everyday perception.

As we look upon these instant photographs, we are reminded that even in a world filled with rapidly advancing technologies, there is still room for the craftsmanship, artistry, and enchantment of analogue photography. Lulú Ferreira’s work urges us to appreciate the untapped potential and hidden treasures that exist within these seemingly archaic tools. CALLES encourages us to reimagine our relationship with photography and to embrace the unexpected beauty that can emerge from the intersection of art, history, and technique.

In a society where we often overlook the wonders of the every day, Lulú Ferreira’s CALLES reminds us to pause, observe, and appreciate the unique stories that unfold in the streets around us. It encourages us to see the world through a different lens, capturing fleeting moments that reveal the profound beauty and diversity of human existence.

So, let us immerse ourselves in CALLES and allow Lulú Ferreira’s captivating photographs to transport us to the vibrant streets of São Paulo, where each instant becomes a lasting memory and a testament to the enduring power of analogue photography.