lowphotostrange” is a fascinating project brought to life by the visionary artist, Vincenzo Nava. In an age of exasperation with modern and contemporary art, where digital photography dominates, Nava finds solace and creative freedom in the nostalgic charm of Polaroid. Through his unique approach, he skillfully expresses and shares deep emotions and sensations, such as melancholy, while exploring new perspectives and visions.

At the heart of “lowphotostrange” lies the captivating play of light. Nava masterfully captures abstract images, using a “Polaroid one step 2” camera to freeze moments of sunlight filtering through leaves, artificial lights reflecting on water, and subjects in perpetual motion. These snapshots of light transport viewers into a dreamlike world, inviting contemplation and wonder.

Nava’s artistry extends beyond the click of the shutter. In a daring and experimental move, he immerses Polaroid films in ammonia or water and acetone, embracing the unpredictability and organic degradation that result. This approach gives each image a unique and captivating quality, emphasizing life’s fleeting and one-of-a-kind moments.

Nava´s double exposure introduces an additional layer of chaos to his images. Merging two or more photographs creates visually compelling narratives, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. This love for randomness and beauty in imperfection challenges conventional notions of photography as a precise and calculated art form.

Recognizing the power of Nava’s artistic talent, the Italian electronic music band “atomic love disorder” invited him to contribute photographs for the graphic design of their upcoming album cover. This collaboration underscores the significance of Nava’s unique approach, proving that the allure of analogue photography remains as strong as ever.

“lowphotostrange” by Vincenzo Nava reminds us of the timeless beauty and emotion that analogue photography can capture. His exploration of light, experimentation with degradation, and fearlessness in embracing randomness breathe new life into this traditional art form. As he continues to challenge the boundaries of photography, each creation will undoubtedly be a testament to the limitless possibilities that lie within the captivating world of Polaroid.