We have been waiting for months to introduce you to Dead Parties in Polaroid of the day. Not just because we know this project from very close, but also because we like the pictures so much that we had to hold back the desire to publish them.
Etienne, singer and bandleader from Australia, has adopted Barcelona for this project. He moves like a fish in the water with his imported shoegaze! We are able to see this on Saturday, May 16th when he will be presenting his first single, Last Romance, presented by Curtcircuit.
We leave you with his music, he brings the charm.
Llevábamos meses esperando poder presentar a Dead Parties en Polaroid of the day, y no es solo porque conocemos de cerca su proyecto, sino porque las fotos nos gustaban tanto que hemos tenido que contener muchísimo las ganas de publicarlas.
Etienne, cantante y líder de la banda, australiano que ha adoptado Barcelona para su proyecto, se mueve con su shoegaze importado como un pez en el agua, y al que podremos ver este próximo sábado 16 de mayo presentando su primer single, Last Romance, de la mano de Curtcircuit.
Os dejamos su música, el encanto ya lo pone él.